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Residential Pressure Washing in South Jersey

Our residential South Jersey power & pressure washing services clean dirt, algae, mold, mildew, tree sap and more from your house, fences, driveway and walkways, etc., safely and effectively.

Residential Pressure Washing in South Jersey | City 2 Shore Exterior Solutions

Is Mildew Taking Over Your House?

As your house ages, your vinyl siding collects layers of dirt, debris and tree sap. This coating offers a source of nutrients to mold and algae which allow it grow and spread. You will begin to see green, brown and black blemishes materializing on the outside of your home. Certain areas of your home's exterior are more inclined to grow mold and algae, such the north side. Our South Jersey power washing, pressure washing, and exterior cleaning services can help clean mildew from your siding and other exterior surfaces, leaving your home looking beautiful while also prolonging the life of your siding.

Pressure Washing in South Jersey to Reduce Algae

Algae is not always a problem, but it can serve as an indication that moisture is getting trapped beneath the exterior siding.

At City 2 Shore Exterior Solutions, our South Jersey pressure and power washing experts use a method called Soft Washing. This involves a liquid solution treatment that kills all layers of growth on your property. The dead growth (mold and algae) is then gently rinsed off with low pressure water to ensure that no damage occurs to the siding. Using a pressure washer with high pressure water can damage or destroy siding, so the soft washing method of pressure washing is beneficial because it's the safest and most efficient way of cleaning your siding. We care as much about your home as you do, and will treat it that way.

Pressure Washing for Decks & Patios in South Jersey

Keeping the exterior seating areas of your home clean, such as decks and patios, is just as important as keeping the rest of your house clean. As the seasons change, leaves and other debris collect and cover these areas of your property. This accumulation can cause moisture, which creates the perfect environment for mold, mildew, moss and algae to grow, causing slippery surfaces that can be dangerous for your family and guests.

Pressure Washing for Concrete Driveways & Walkways in South Jersey

While you might think that mold, mildew and green algae are just unsightly blemishes, they can actually be a dangerous threat to you and your family when they grow on your concrete driveway, patio and walkways. These growths can cause surfaces to get very slippery, which can create a fall risk for you, your family and guests. At City 2 Shore Exterior Solutions our South Jersey power washing and pressure washing specialists can help keep your family safe with our hot water pressure washing which is specifically used for sidewalks, driveways, porches, decks and more. Every concrete service performed includes a pre-treatment that kills mildew, followed by a hot pressure wash, and finally a post treatment that will eliminate any lines and help prevent growths from reforming as quickly. We are here to help keep your home as safe as it is beautiful.

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Call us at 609-501-2329, or email us, to find out about our residential pressure and power washing services in South Jersey. We provide residential pressure washing in Gloucester County, Camden County, and surrounding South Jersey areas, including (but not limited to) areas such as Sicklerville NJ 08081, Turnersville NJ 08012, and Williamstown NJ 08094.

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